Thank You

No project ever truly comes together without at least a little bit of help. This project came from my heart, and is what it is because of how much I put into it, personally. However, without the help of those listed below, this never would have happened. This page is dedicated to all who helped me out on this.

  • AJ from Pixelarity: Great job making these HTML templates. I'm not great with design, to say the least. This thing wouldn't look nearly as good without your work here.
  • The KeyBase Team: KeyBase was great for coming up with their free service that allowed me to host a private, encrypted repository for keeping my codebase organised.
  • Font Awesome: Thank you guys for providing an awesome utility that makes icons and loaders easy.
  • Quill.JS: Thank you, Quill team, for an awesome editor that I could easily implement into this project!
  • Canva: Great place to get some free (and not free) poster designs.