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The Story

I was born and raised in a very boring, colorless, desert town in California. My mind was always running with stories and ideas to make up for that. When the real world around me was lacking, my imagination made up for it. Eventually, the uninspiring hole I felt I was stuck in stifled my creative spark.

However, I moved away from there to give myself a new start. I wound up in northern Utah, and I no longer had to fill in my world with my imagination. Everyone and everything around us was full of life and color, and it made me long for a time when I was more creative. Something in me woke up again, and I was inspired to create once again.

This sudden burst of inspiration made me realize something: this spark is probably living in everyone else around me. If this coffee shop made me want to write, what did that guy over there want to do? Instead of just sitting at the coffee shop or the library, I wanted to experience it.

Thus, ArtistiCity was born. This is a platform for artists by an artist. We can share in each other's inspirations and musings and fill the world around us with expressions of ourselves. It doesn't matter if you're on a mountain top, by the river, or just drinking a cappuccino. Wherever you find your inspiration, you can either post right away or start a post and save it for later. Then, when you finish what you were moved to do, it will be saved to wherever you were at the time of inspiration for all to see.